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Gypsy's Seminars
The 1999 Natural Health & Fitness Show
& "Club Success"!

Gypsy Boots participates in many seminars and opportunities to encourge healthy lifestyles.

Pictured is Gypsy Boots with success seminar producer Action Jackson McClendon, founder of and the EncourageMint radio show at the May13,2000  San Diego CA. Palomar College Success Seminar. McClendon is known as the doctor of encouragology and says "Gypsy Boots is the master of motivation. No one alive has a better spirit than Gypsy Boots"

Recently Gypsy attended and put on a seminar at The 1999 Natural Health & Fitness Show in Pasadena, Ca where he exhibited some of sponsor's products and conducted a talk to a packed house of visitors! Here are some of the photos from that show!

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If you wish to contact Gypsy, call him directly at (805) 484-9804 (after 8PM PST) or mail to him at 701 Mobil #230 Camarillo, CA 93010.