Gypsy's   Star-Studded   Photo   Album!

On this page you will see MORE of Gypsy and some of his buddies and Friends! Some are famous and some are beautiful ladies that love Gypsy and the healthy living that he brings to them! CLIC on pix for full size photo!

Great pix of Gypsy and his Natural Foods

Clowning around with Steve Allen! The Great talented artist who gave me my First Break on his famous show.

Prearing a dish for the Mike Douglas Show! Can you spot the stars in this pix?...Rose Marie, Rosemary Clooney, David Brenner

Nature Boy wants to be a cameraman???!

With good friend, Pancake Jack...he makes the World's BEST pancakes!

Gypsy with Pancake Jack and Engineer Dan in foreground....great buddies!!!

Flyer for MY 90TH Birthday Party at Paramount Studio on August 19, 2000

With Sonya Eps, great artist and friend!!! Please visit her WEBSITE and her wonderful paintings she does up in Sacramento, CA. Gypsy wishes her the very best for this intelligent artist!

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